i hate you and if this was 1692 salem i would accuse you of being a witch 

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The fucking sound he makes kills me every time

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What she says: “I’m fine”

What she really means:Treasure Planet was going to have a sequel and a tv series and instead of having either it faded into the dusty annals of obscure Disney movies that no one seems to know about.”

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I feel as though this accurately depicts the relationship between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark.

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I don’t get why straight girls thinks lesbians/bisexual girls will try to kiss them or touch them. We are queer girls, not straight boys.

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i broke my finger today but on the other hand i am completely fine

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Suit Up, Ladies! Zoe Saldana (2011)

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Meiva - custom Minecraft landscape created by Darastlix!

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